About Us

Teddington is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of appliance control systems, solutions and products for a range of industries worldwide.

Starting life as the British Thermostat Co. Ltd. in 1928, Teddington Systems continues to lead the way in the design, development and manufacturing of systems and products where quality and reliability are of utmost importance.

We aim to be the key technical partner to our clients. From simple valve fabrication, switches and other control devices to complex system design, engineering and manufacture. Our quality-centric approach to design and manufacturing ensures that products are durable whilst time and budget lies at the heart of what we do. Product reliability is fundamental to how we work to give you the peace of mind provided by solutions that you can truly ‘fit and forget’.

Encompassing both design, development and manufacturing, Teddington delivers by creating a true partnership with our customers founded on collaboration, honesty and dedication.


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