Temperature switches

  • Robust & Stable
  • Resists Shock & Vibration
  • BOR or BOF Switch Action
  • Available with Auxiliary Pilot Switch
  • IP32 Rating


The GM is a heavy – duty temperature safety control for use in marine, traction and industrial applications where high mechanical strength and functional reliability is essential, even after periods of non-action.

Physical Description

The GM is robustly constructed and reliable range of non-corrosive temperature switches. A nickel-plated knob at the top of the instrument allows for adjustment of the set point. It has an aluminium body and covers, powder painted in a green hammer finish.

Thermal types come with or without flexible stainless steel capillary protection and with two sizes of bulb (see chart). A nickel-plated housing at the base of the instrument protects the bellows.


The thermal system comprises a bellows with capillary and phial for remote sensing. To achieve correct thermal operation and rapid response the phial must be immersed to its maximum depth.

Temperature settings are adjustable by turning the adjustment screw. The scale indicator is found on the instruments left hand side, under the scale cover.

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