Here at Teddington we regularly receive enquiries to develop new products. And as engineers who love making things we hate to see a good idea go to waste.

Regardless of the project – whether it’s an energy monitoring device for a domestic heater or a new propulsion system for a submarine – there’s one key consideration that is always head and shoulders above the rest. Cost.

Given the current economic climate that’s hardly surprising. And it’s at this stage that many projects fail to get off the ground.

This got us thinking. How could we find a cost-effective way to get people’s ideas into production and give everyone a fair crack of the whip.

A few brainstorms later and IRIS was born.

How does it work?

Simply put, IRIS is intended to give our customers a significant competitive advantage when developing new products – regardless of their size or potential budget.

In its purest form, it combines three things:

  • A bespoke five-stage development process
  • A development platform to shortcut the design process
  • A suite of pre-developed circuits and software that can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any configuration to meet specific needs.

How does it help?

It’s not luck or divine intervention that got us to this point. We shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here and since its inception IRIS has been continually refined.

It has now been used in many sectors including defence, domestic heating and commercial energy monitoring.

Because the development platform is a “master set” of circuits that we can cherry pick from, the chances are that 80% of what our clients want has already been created. It simply becomes a matter of laying them out to suit individual needs, which cuts time to market and the amount of money that needs to be spent.

For example, want to connect your product to the internet? No problem. How would you like to do it?  Bluetooth, Wifi, RF, ethernet…we have all of these, and a few more!

We’ve spent years refining the process, the circuits and software to ensure each module works as expected.

As a result, early parts of the project can be done very quickly and at as low a cost as possible, removing many, if not all, of the unknowns around the project.

We can also identify any potential risks at a very early stage. Meaning there is less chance of anything going wrong.

It’s an approach that we’re incredibly proud of and one that we think could be of real benefit to both existing and new clients.

So please, if you think we could help get your idea off the ground, do get in touch.