Engineering specialist Teddington has launched an advanced remote control system for domestic gas fires.

The TFC can be installed by fireplace manufacturers into their own products and allows homeowners to control their gas fire from the comfort of their sofa.

The device is believed to be the first remote control system for domestic gas fires in the UK which uses a dedicated 2.4GHz connection between the remote and the fire.

Unlike other gas fire remote controls, which rely on infrared wireless (IR) technology and direct line-of-sight connections, the TFC operates in the low-energy 2.4GHz spectrum, similar to Amazon Alexa and Apple Home, which is unaffected by positional constraints or obstacles, providing greater flexibility for the customer.

Kenneth Maxwell, Sales Manager at Cornwall-based Teddington, said: “The TFC is designed and manufactured in the UK, competitively priced, easy to install, simple to operate, and has a straightforward, automatic ignition sequence.

“The overwhelming benefit is the 2.4GHz radio link between the control and fire, replacing the old ‘line-of-sight’ IR associated with TV remotes. The rapid rise of IoT (Internet of Things) has increased the dependency of 2.4GHz, which is more cost-effective and has a greater connectivity range, ensuring the TFC is far more robust and reliable that its rivals.

“With this technology there are no positional constraints, meaning you can be anywhere in the room, have obstacles in the way, and the remote will still work. This eliminates the need for an IR sensor to be installed on the front of the fire, saving OEMs money. The TFC also consumes less power and does not require any additional hardware.”

The TFC, a combined gas tap and flame supervision device operated by a stepper motor, consists of a motorised valve, an electronic control board (ECB) and the remote control.

The device maintains a single encrypted point-to-point connection with its remote, preventing connection with unauthorised devices. Teddington can also license the communication protocol to vendors and provide engineering services to create bespoke solutions to suit OEM’s specific requirements.

Kenneth Maxwell added: “As far as I know, the TFC is the first system in the UK to utilise a dedicated 2.4GHz remote control for domestic gas fires. The gas valve is also different to rivals, with a much smaller footprint. The TFC has really caught the attention of our customers. We’re confident there will be huge demand.”

The TFC is currently available in an economy version, with a deluxe version set for release by the end of the year. The deluxe version will feature a seven-day timer, a built-in thermostat and a 2.4in TFT LCD colour screen. A dedicated TFC app, offering interactive control from a smartphone or tablet, will also be available.

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