Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)

Teddington has a proven track record of supplying contract electronics manufacturing services across a range of sectors that include defence, automotive, HVAC, lighting and utilities.

From international suppliers, to OEMs and small companies with a bright idea, we aim to create a true partnership that’s founded on collaboration, openness and dedication.

This client centric approach is hugely cost effective and leads to greater productivity and flexibility, resulting in reliable products of the highest quality.

Whether your requirements follow design and prototyping we have carried out before, or you'd like us to reproduce a well established product, we have a wide range of services to meet your needs.

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Our services include:

 Contract electronics manufacturing

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Through-hole and surface mount board assembly
  • Full Procurement of components
  • Logistics service
  • Prototyping and volume builds
  • ISO9001 accredited

  Through-hole production

  • Through-hole placement using hand soldering
  • Precision selective soldering
  • Production staff trained to IPC610

 Box builds

  • Plastics
  • Decals
  • Part build or full build
  • Metalwork, displays and wiring

 Surface mount production

  • Mycronic surface mount pick and place technology
  • Seven stage re-flow oven
  • Vapour phase soldering

 Cable assembly

  • Ribbon cables
  • Bespoke looms
  • Wiring harnesses

 Test and inspection

  • Programming
  • Dedicated test equipment 
  • Automatic optical inspection of surface mount and through hole components 

“I spoke with a dozen companies before I found Teddington. Their design engineers knew instinctively what was needed." 


Nick Bailey, CEO at Sleeklight, who produced the first touch sensitive LED light-pull

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