Products and Parts

Reliable, efficient, effective

Teddington produces a variety of products and parts for a range of uses. With decades worth of experience, we offer consistently reliable, efficient and effective valves with the core aim of providing our clients with products that meet their demands.

We specialise in a number of fields, including gas, oil, solid fuel and water, for both domestic and commercial uses.

We are proud to offer a high quality product range including the GSV Slide Valve, KBB Safety Valve and our award-winning CombiSave, and are confident that we have a solution to meet our clients needs.

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Teddington has, for over 50 years, specialised in producing products for the HVAC sector. With this long-standing experience, Teddington has sort to develop valves for gas, oil, solid fuel and water.

Engine Protection

Teddington manufacture a number of pressure and temperature switches that are designed to provide protection for all types of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors, gear boxes and marine and industrial power plants.

Consumer Products

Although high regarded for commercially focused products, Teddington also has a reputation for producing essential domestic appliances. This is perhaps exemplified best by our award-winning CombiSave valve, an innovaiton which has helped consumers save significant time and money.

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