Electronics design and manufacturer Teddington Systems has developed an advanced controller for a new generation of domestic heating boilers.

Working closely with Cambridgeshire-based EOGB Energy Products, the controller provides a sophisticated method to manage the heat output of a boiler’s burner unit delivering significant improvements in energy efficiency. The controller also has a first-of-its-kind OpenTherm interface to enable the heating system to utilise advanced sensors and controllers in the home.

Teddington’s engineers worked closely with EOGB to understand their detailed requirements, before applying their expertise in hardware and firmware design to develop a bespoke solution for the company’s new burner range called Sapphire.

As a result of the controller, Sapphire burners deliver a saving of up to 13% on fuel, resulting in the end consumer saving a similar amount on their energy bills.

Kenneth Maxwell, Teddington Systems sales manager, said: “We are delighted to have played a key role in the development of Sapphire, which is a truly revolutionary development in the heating industry.

“The system configuration and safety regulations proved to be the main challenges for our engineers who worked hard to design an intricate design solution for the control board, which not only met EOGB’s functional requirements and complex specification within budget but also adhered to rigorous safety standards.”

The Sapphire advanced ‘blue flame’ burner delivers one of the best energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction systems of any domestic unit currently on the market due to the advanced control system designed by Teddington Systems.

Unlike other burners currently used in domestic boilers, it is fully-modulating and so delivers a step-change improvement in fuel efficiency and carbon reduction.

Martin Cooke, Technical Director at EOGB, said: “Sapphire is the first burner of its kind on the market and we believe it will provide a significant improvement to domestic heating performance in the future.

“Over the last decade, Teddington Systems have proved to be a professional, reliable and friendly manufacturer to work with. Their extensive electronics design, prototyping and manufacturing expertise has been patently obvious.”

Teddington Systems, based in Cornwall, provides electronic design, prototyping and manufacturing services for a range of OEMs as well as in support of the firm’s own system solutions’ capability.


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