Core Competencies

With nearly ninety years of experience, Teddington has built up expertise and specialisms through a combination of company-wide knowledge and technical know-how.

Through our experience and specialisms, we are able to offer our clients uniquely tailored, high quality, reliable solutions to meet their specific engineering and project needs. To this end, we work hard to develop innovative systems and solutions which fulfil their precise needs, however stretching and challenging they may be.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the way we work and deliver for our clients, always striving to improve the service we provide. Through utilising smart design and prototyping techniques, investment in new technology and an overall ‘can do’ approach, we continually build on and strengthen our capabilities and expertise.

This all means that still, after ninety years, Teddington remains a market leader in the services we provide and the products and solutions we deliver.

Our core competencies include:

  • Temperature, pressure, flow and electrical control
  • Electronics design, prototyping and manufacture
  • Systems and software design
  • Mechanical design, prototyping and manufacture
  • Integrated, embedded and standalone control systems
  • OEM and military grade manufacturing