DCA/A & /D

Temperature alarm switches

  • Fast Accurate Temperature Sensing
  • User Defined Fixed Setting
  • Broad Choice of Mounting Threads Available
  • IP65 Ingress Protection as Standard
  • Withstands Acceleration to 8G
  • Rugged Construction for Tough Applications
  • Pressure switch version available


DCA Temperature switches are ideally suited for use on all types of engines, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, industrial power plant and other applications where a rugged reliable control is required.

Physical Description

The DCA consists of a single compact non-adjustable unit based on a 32 A/F hex zinc plated and passivated steel body. This enables the control to be fitted directly into the application.

The DCA provides fast, accurate temperature response through a brass phial that protrudes into the application.

Electrical connections are configured by attaching standard 6.35 mm Faston terminals. Upon installation, normally open/closed or change over may be selected. Special variants with an internal earth (earth return) and an improved IP68 rating can be specified upon order. A rubber Gator is also available as an optional extra.


Should a hazardous condition arise, the DCA can be arranged to operate an alarm, initiate a shutdown or cut in a cooling fan at a pre-determined operating temperature, preventing damage to your valuable plant machinery.

Installation Considerations

Check there is enough clearance around the flats of the body and that the phial extends to the application by 31mm from the base of the Hexagon (see outline details).

The DCA automatically resets once the application has cooled; the differential varies according to the
temperature set point (nominal 9°C).

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