Property & Facilities Management

Delivering greater efficiency and safety

Teddington has long-standing expertise in the creation of gas and fluid control systems, including electronic and hardware design, with nearly 80 years’ worth of experience.

Since 1928, we have been working with installers, fitters and facilities managers to ensure that our range of products:

  • Make properties safer
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance bills
  • Reduce utilities bills

The creation of Teddington’s gas and fluid control systems can include various stages of production, from the initial design and development of individual valves, right up to the manufacture of full control systems, primarily for use in domestic gas, oil and water appliances and commercial catering equipment.

Teddington’s expertise primarily lies in:

  • Simple and full modulating mechanical valves for the accurate control and flow of fluids
  • Solenoid and shut-off safety systems
  • Electronic gas flow control systems for domestic and commercial applications
  • Remote control operation via infrared, RF, wifi, GSM and mobile devices
  • Advanced electronic controls for bespoke applications

For more information on how Teddington can deliver you greater efficiency and safety, contact us today.