Software / firmware design

Teddington offers first-rate software and firmware design services built on the experience and programming skills of our software engineers and utilising the latest software development techniques, prototypes and platforms.

The trade-off between quality and efficiency when creating embedded code (firmware) is well understood. However, at Teddington, we believe that we are able to strike that all important balance between the two.


Design and Engineering brochure 

We use the latest Integrated Development Environment’s (IDE’s), compilers and configuration management tools to produce efficient memory footprints, while adopting sensible coding guidelines to ensure code form and function is written with the highest integrity.

Firmware is often the most expensive part of a development project. With this in mind, we recognise the absolute importance of creating modular code that can be easily re-used and, as a consequence, reduce future development for your benefit.

We employ expert embedded C programmers with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) experience: C due to its unquestionably favourable efficiency and OOP for the ultimate modular approach.

Our team also includes expert app developers for both Android and iOS platforms to support enhanced functionality, integrated systems and Internet of Things (IoT) developments.

We offer the following software and firmware design services:

  • State Machine and RTOS firmware design
  • Fully documented ASM & C code development
  • In-house coding and documented standards compliant with industry recognised standards
  • Legacy code conversion
  • Fully documented Net code development
  • Android and iOS app development and deployment
  • In-house coding and documented standards compliant with industry recognised requirements

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