Control Systems and Components for the HVAC Sector

Teddington has, for over 50 years, specialised in supporting industry in the development and supply of control systems in the HVAC sector. 

Operating in domestic, commercial and military applications for a wide range of applications including home heating systems through to large-scale equipment environmental control, Teddington consistently delivers high quality, reliable control systems for HVAC Systems.

Levels of interaction include:

  • Individual sensor components
  • Mechanical and electronic control products
  • Local control panel design and fabrication
  • Control system integration
  • Remote and cloud-based reporting

Teddington's experience primarily lie in:

  • Temperature and pressure sensors and controls
  • Safety and critical system
  • Full end to end systems from the sensors up to a fully integrated control panel
  • Remote control operation via infrared, RF, wifi, GSM and mobile devices
  • Advanced electronic controls for bespoke applications

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