Delivering the future of control-system technology 

IRISmodular™ is the next generation of control panel and electronic design solutions technology developed by Teddington.

Technology moves quickly and our customers must also keep pace to maintain their competitive advantage. Becoming a technical partner with Teddington gives you access to our in-house modular development platform called IRISmodular. 

We believe that IRISmodular represents a quantum-leap in control-system design, made specifically for ultra-long service life products and critical systems.

Leveraging the latest technology, Teddington's IRISmodular can deliver flexible and powerful control systems to replace and enhance existing installations or can simplify and reduce costs for new projects. IRISmodular also offers the benefit of significantly reduced development times - allowing you to compete with companies with far larger engineering resources while tapping into an extensive and proven experience pool. 

Benefits of IRISmodular include:

  • Easily deployed in new panels or as retrofit internals
  • Increased system resilience through fully interchangeable core and power modules
  • Constructed of readily available parts
  • Minimises stock hold requirements for spares
  • Designed for all panel types, makes and uses
  • Cost effective design and implementation compared with conventional systems
  • Flexible upgrade paths for existing IRISmodular™ systems

How IRISmodular works

Teddington - IRISmodular 


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