Temperature sender

  • Deutsch DT 2-Way Compatible
  • Exceeds IP67
  • Matched to Customer Gauges
  • Tamper Proof Housing
  • Broad Choice of Mounting Threads Available
  • Withstands Acceleration to 4G
  • Rugged Construction for Tough Applications


DSS Temperature Senders are ideally suited for use on all types of engines, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, industrial power plant and other application where resistance to the elements is the primary consideration.

Physical Description

The DSS consists of a single compact non-adjustable unit based on a 24 A/F hex brass body. This enables the control to be fitted directly into the application.

The DSS provides fast, accurate temperature response through a thermistor that is located in the tip of the phial protruding from the main body of the unit.

Reliable electrical connection, in the toughest of conditions, is made using a Deutsch DT 2-way connector. IP67 rated, this connector is hot pressure washer resistant and is used by the military and leading off-road plant manufacturers.


The DSS is use in conjunction with either a temperature gauge or an ECU (Engine Control Unit) to sense the temperature of your application.

Installation Considerations

Check there is enough clearance around the flats of the body and ensure the maximum possible temperature is not exceeded for a long service life.

For accurate temperature measurement, reliable connection and Ingress Protection, it is essential that the DSS is matched to the gauge you are using and that genuine Deutsch DT connectors are used.

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