Voltage regulator

  • Accurate Voltage Regulation
  • IP 6K 9K Ingress Protection as Standard
  • Withstands Acceleration to 4G
  • Rugged Construction for Tough Applications


The DSV is a D.C. voltage regulator that is intended for use on 12V and 24V automobile systems.

Physical Description

The DSV consists of a single compact non-adjustable unit based on a 24 A/F hex brass body. This enables the control to be fitted directly into the application.

The DSV provides accurate voltage regulation through a thermistor that is located in the tip of the phial protruding from the main body of the unit.

Reliable electrical connection, in the toughest of conditions, is made using a Deutsch DT 3-way connector. IP 6K 9K rated, this connector is hot pressure washer resistant and is used by the military and leading off-road plant manufacturers.

Installation Considerations

Check there is enough clearance around the flats of the body and ensure the maximum possible temperature is not exceeded for a long service life.

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