Teddington has a renowned track record for engineering and manufacturing a range of off the shelf electronic appliance control components and products, many of which are stocked by leading national and independent distributors both in the UK and overseas.

Examples of some of the products available for appliance control applications include:

Gas valves and fittings

Used to control gas flow in a range of applications from domestic gas fires to water heaters in caravans. Teddington gas valves are durable and robust to deal with harsh applications and end-user wear. A broad choice of connection sizes is available, as are a range of coil voltages.

Engine temperature and pressure measuring switches

Teddington’s temperature controls and switches are designed for demanding applications where only the toughest, most reliable components will do. They are used to monitor temperature and pressure on a range of construction vehicles as well as being used in other applications.

Oil valves

Used in homes using kerosene for domestic heating and cooking. Our market-leading KBB Safety Valve is designed to cut-off the oil supply to the appliance should a fire occurs. Fast acting and thermally operated, valves such as the KBB are a crucial component to any oil-using household.


An award-winning British innovation which reduces the amount of water and gas used in the home when used in conjunction with a combi boiler, saving the consumer time and money.

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Full technical details for these products can be found in the Products section