TESA Gas Slide Valve

High-level manual control for gas appliances

  • Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases
  • Operating pressure range of 0 to 100mbars
  • Complies with Class B Group 1 Classification
  • Ambient temperature range 0-120C
  • Universal Mounting 
  • Conforms to BS EN 126: 2012


The TESA is a linear slider type gas valve used for controlling the gas flow to an appliance such as a domestic gas fire.

Physical Description

The TESA has an Aluminium body and brass slider. The operation of the valve may be by means of a remote lever system. The valve incorporates a thermo-electric flame failure device.

A micro-switch can be included to initiate ignition when the operating shaft is moved to the start up position. The flow rates can be tailored to customer requirements in respect of minimum flow, rate of change and full flow.

A pilot take off is provided.


The operating shaft is moved into the body to the forward stop to operate the ignition system and thermo-electric valve. When the pilot is established, the shaft is then withdrawn from the body to minimum flow position. Flow may then be adjusted up to the full flow position.

To turn the fire off, the shaft is then pulled out further from the HIGH position against a spring load to the off position to close the thermo-electric valve.

Installation Considerations

The valve may be secured to the appliance by means of the fixing holes provided in the body. The operating shaft can be provided with a tapped hole for attaching a remote operating mechanism. Complies with Group 1 classification.


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