Advanced remote control system for OEM's domestic gas fires

  • Designed and manufactured in UK
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to install, robust and reliable 
  • RF enabled
  • Audible operation tones
  • Automatic ignition sequence
  • Dedicated 2.4GHz connection between hand held remote and fire
  • UK Patent Application No. 1402099.4


The TFC allows homeowners to ignite and extinguish their domestic gas fire and choose from a range of flame settings and heat outputs from the comfort of their sofa. 

Unlike other gas fire remote controls, which rely on infrared wireless (IR) technology and direct line-of-sight connections, the TFC operates in the low-energy 2.4GHz spectrum, unaffected by positional constraints or obstacles, providing greater flexibility to the customer.

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"With this technology, there are no positional constraints, meaning you can be anywhere in the living room, have obstacles in the way, and the remote will still work. This eliminates the need for an IR sensor to be installed on the front of the fire, saving OEM's money. The TFC also consumes less power and does not require any additional hardware."

Kenny Maxwell, Sales Manager, Teddington Systems 

Physical Description

The TFC consists of:

  • Motorised valve: The TFC control is a combined gas tap and flame supervision device operated by a stepper motor
  • Electronic Control Board (ECB): Providing the interface between the motorised valve and remote handset the ECB manages valve functionality and output
  • Remote Handset: The remote handset allows the homeowner full control of their fire from the comfort of their armchair


The TFC is designed and manufactured in the UK, competitively priced, easy to install, simple to operate, and has a straightforward, automatic ignition sequence.

The 2.4GHz radio link between the remote control replaces ‘line-of-sight’ IR technology associated with TV remotes. The device maintains a single encrypted point-to-point connection with its remote, preventing connection of unauthorised devices. Teddington can also license the communication protocol to vendors and provide engineering services to create bespoke control solutions.

The system provides a range of heat outputs, all selectable from the remote handset, and an audible operation and fault code system provides feedback to the user. Details of the audible codes are contained within the system's instructions which are provided with each delivery.

Installation Considerations

The experienced Teddington support team are happy to consult and assist with the implementation and introduction of the TFC system onto your OEM’s appliance.

Additional Information

The TFC complies to Quality Assurance Control Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and has a 'A' class vendor rating award.

A 'Deluxe' version of the system will be released later this year. It will feature a seven-day programmable timer, a built-in thermostat, and a 2.4in TFT LCD coloured screen. A dedicated TFC app, offering interactive control from a smartphone or tablet, will also be available. 


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