QW Damper Control

Dramatically improve the performance of your solid fuel appliance

  • QW makes your solid-fuel last 57% longer.
  • Works with Coal, Antracite, Wood - or any solid fuel.
  • Gain up to 55% increased economy.
  • Reduce the fuel consumption of any solid-fuel stove or range.


Gain up to 55% increased economy, simply by managing the burn rate of the fuel.

Trials have clearly demonstrated that by controlling the air supply to maintain an even temperature, any solid-fuel stove or range can reduce it's CO2 footprint and fuel consumption, optimising efficiency.


Typically, most solid fuel appliances are controlled by manually choking the air supply. Whilst this works, it is not the most economical or effective way to control the temperature. The QW from Teddington Appliance Controls is a Thermostatically Controlled Damper Valve which regulates the temperature of a solid fuel system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint temperature, chosen by the user.

The QW does this by controlling the flow of air into the appliance by moving a flat damper plate at the end of the control arm relative to the air intake port of the appliance in response to variations of temperature at the sensor. That is, the thermostat automatically reduces or increases the air-flow proportional to the desired setpoint as needed to maintain the correct temperature.

Tests have shown that with a QW Damper thermostat 5kg of fuel will last 57% longer, increasing the burn time from 5.25hrs to 8.25hrs.


The QW can be fitted to room heaters, boilers and central heating units burning coal, wood, pellets, anthracite or virtually any solid fuel you can imagine.

Availability 4 to 5 weeks.


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